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Ankle Pain

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Are you experiencing ankle pain? Physical therapy can get you back on your feet while reducing the risk of further injury.

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Ankle Pain & Physical Therapy

From Our Friends at the APTA

Ankle sprains are a common occurrence amongst active people and can occur with running, walking on uneven surfaces, or even jumping. Most often, the injury happens when the foot twists inward and the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are stretched or torn. Research shows up to 80% of people who suffer from a sprained ankle will endure re-injury at some point in the future. Other common foot ankle injuries include Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis. Ankle pain can also be a chronic issue, such as with arthritis.

Recurrence rates for injuries, such as an ankle sprain, have been reported to be as high as 80%. Physical therapy can not only help individuals recover faster , but can also reduce the risk of recurrence for an injury.  Receiving early physical therapy intervention can maximize results.

A physical therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your pain and will create a customized program to address your needs. This examination may include screening the entire lower quarter including your spine, hip, and knee as these can often contribute to your pain. 


We utilize a combination of manual therapy techniques and exercises to deliver our patients restoration of their normal lives. Our treatment process focuses on reducing the pain and swelling in the ankle for the short term. We utilize soft tissue and joint mobilizations to restore proper joint mechanics and muscle activation.

Our therapists go beyond the injury and to the root of the problem. For example, ankle sprains are likely a result of hip and lower back weakness, paired with poor stability of the ankle. As patients improve, Innovative Physical Therapy emphasizes the strength and stability of the entire lower half of the body to promote function and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is used to decrease pain and improve the mobility of the foot and ankle. This approach uses a combination of manipulation/mobilization techniques of the involved and surrounding joint and soft tissue. Restoring proper mobility is vital for all weight-bearing movements and activities

  • Flexibility exercises

  • Taping

  • Manual therapy 

  • Dry needling

  • Strength training

  • Endurance training

  • Gait training

  • Nerve mobilization

  • Modalities

  • Ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound